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Mystical Messages~
Mystical Messages~ October 15, 2016

I was just about to go out to pick some tomatoes a few days ago and I almost walked into this beautiful web. I respect spiders and think they are very interesting. I did not break her web, but today I did re-route it and ask her to forgive me, and told her she could rebuild close by. I thanked her for her blessings.~

*Spider tells us we are part of the huge web of life and we are all connected. We must respect one another and remember we are all creators. Spider may be reminding us to go within and take note of the life we are weaving. The lesson of spider is to maintain balance between our past and future, spiritual and physical. She teaches that everything you do and experience now, how we react and choose, is part of weaving our future.*

~Written by Fran Mystiblu Hafey~ 
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